Monday, May 10, 2010

Dawn & Gary

There are times in my life when I think to myself "I have the greatest friends."

That's just what I thought when Autumn and Joanna came over to hang out Friday night even though they knew we were going to spend part of the time cleaning. Our friend Dawn was getting married the next day and wanted her house to be clean since they would be spending Saturday night there. As we walked over to Dawn's after supper, we were discussing how we were glad Mom had given me the key to Dawn's house so we wouldn't have to climb through the window to get in.

We ended up having to climb through the window anyway. The key Mom gave me was to theirold door.

We walked around back and after examination of the house,discovered that Marisa and Rebecca's bedroom window was open. I started to hoist Joanna through the window but barely got her 3 inches off the ground before she looked at me and said "I'll lift you. I have muscles."Sometimes the truth hurts but it was much more effective then me lifting her. We don't have any pictures of the actual entry because Autumn was too busy laughing to man the camera, but I was basically shot through the window at a rapid speed and only saved myself from an abrupt{and potentially disastrous}landing on the floor by grabbing onto the bunk bed. I don't think Joanna knows her own strength. We had fun cleaning but the enthusiasm level really shot up when I casually mentioned something about the newly weds spending Saturday night there. I was so sure I had told them but maybe it somehow slipped by. It was a very important detail! We left this sign for them on the kitchen table.

*Dum-dum-dee-dum. Here comes the wedding.*

Mom and Dawn have been best friends from when Andrew was a baby. We were so thrilled to celebrate her wedding. She waited so long for her Prince Gary.

Andrew and Debbie "looking cute" before the wedding.

Dawn looked beautiful. I'm so glad she picked this dress when we went dress shopping together.

Dawn with her girls, Marisa and Rebecca.

I took this picture at the exact same time the wedding photographer took it from the other side. I love how it like they're glowing. Almost angelic. :)

Gary and Dawn wrote the sweetest song that they played for their first dance.

Aaron had to dance with Marisa during the wedding party dance since they had an odd number of groomsmen/bridesmaids. Dawn taught them a dance but it basically went out the window by showtime. I had to give him a little refresher course. I can't believe he's so much taller than me!

Don't let his face fool you. He enjoyed it.

Dawn was so sweet. She made a speech during the reception thanking the twins for singing You Raise Me Up during the ceremony and telling them how special they are to her. She then said it was their 16th birthday and asked everyone to sing Happy Birthday to them. She even gave Elizabeth her bouquet instead of tossing it.

The happy couple are honeymooning in Paris.{Must be tough!}

Congratulations Dawn and Gary! We love you!

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