Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I blew bubbles for the babies.

{Pictures of their sweet faces will appear after I discuss with their mother how she feels about them making internet appearances here. Until then, view this highly cropped photo with the knowledge that they are SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE.}

Today Braden practiced his standing skills.

Today I wondered when either of my married brothers will make me an aunt. I am very impatiently waiting the day. It takes every ounce of politeness in me not to point out to Daniel and Erika the fact that they've been married for 7 months, 2 days and isn't that long enough? Sometime I don't have to point it out because others like asking them 'that question' too. : )

Today I spent almost 20 minutes in the Target makeup aisles trying to decide which brand of foundation to buy. Being a girl is complicated. Thank goodness for an aunt who happened to call in my time of need with some foundation advice. That aunt also said that since my birthday is Friday "it should be made into a national holiday and celebrated through out the country."

Today I almost melted from the heat. With summer right around the bend, I'd better build up my hot weather stamina!

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