Friday, April 1, 2011

returned children,Chinese lepricons and peanuts

* After an extended absence in Disney World, Zachary and Molly have returned to their rightful home in Babysitterville. I was so excited to see them that it was like I was going to see my best friends. To celebrate their return, Molly and I went to the Soup Factory for lunch. As we sat at the little table eating our clam chowder, we discussed the trip we were going to take to the pet store. Molly looked up between bites of her roll to tell me, "you know, there won't be any elephants there." I'm so glad she clarified. I had been wondering if we'd see an elephant amongst the gerbils and fish.
Being in Disney World meant that Molly missed celebrating St.Patrick's Day with her class. She got off the school bus on her first day back full of stories of small lepricons who snuck into the classroom and sprinkeled glitter everywhere. One even stole money from her teacher's wallett. She was especially in love with this lucky coin left just for her.

She told me immediately after showing it to me that "the lepricon was from China". I had no idea where she'd get such information, but upon investigation I discovered that the coin did indeed say China on it. I did not have the heart to tell her that lepricons are not from China, but that the coin was made by a factory there. Reveiling such information would have been outside my pay grade.

* Last night we had a girls night with Grandma. We ate in the living room while watching Backstairs at the White House, then we played Rummy. A problem arose when we wanted to pause the movie because we lost our dvd remote. None of us wanted get up from our chairs to manually pause it so we all made up excuses like 'I have the footrest up', 'I don't want to move my blanket!', 'I'm older than you!'. Clearly they were all valid reasons. So, we did what any self respecting women would do and called the man of the house to come do it for us. It made no difference that he was on the computer at the other side of the house. Poor Aaron. Sometimes he doesn't know how to deal with being outnumbered by women.

* We now go back into the archives of my life to the time I was about 12 or 13. Katie happened to be sleeping over the weekend of April Fools Day and we spent the night before whispering plans to each other beneath the covers. I have never heard or seen anyone perform at the level we performed the next day. We started off by switching Mom's coffee with Coke. Not overly brilliant but we were just warming up. It would have been better to warm the Coke up since her coffee was warm before the switch, but live and learn. We then got a bag of peanuts in the shell out of the closet and proceeded to carefully crack them open to we'd end up with only the top and bottom,not a bunch of small pieces. We found tiny rocks that weighted roughly the small amount as the peanuts{not being scientist we didn't use a scale},replaced each peanut with a rock and glued the shell back together. We got everybody with that one. They all thought we were being extremely generous but oh,no. I'm surprised no one caught on to our giggling when we offered the peanuts. No one actually died from eating rock peanuts; we stopped them before anything went in their mouth. We were SO PROUD of ourselves that day. We still talk about it every April Fools Day. If we hadn't already best friends before, that day would have cinched the deal.

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