Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

The other day I took these crazy kids with me to the mall. I was in search of cute compact mirrors to give the flower girls and thought some company would be nice.
Unfortunately I didn't think of the fact that Claire's is geared towards those of a certain age-group who have the tendency come down with Bieber Fever. And that is how I came face to face with JB posters! Calendars! Stickers! Earrings! Headbands! Even more unfortunate, Marissa has a terrible case of Bieber Fever and got so excited about the endless options that she had the audacity to suggest I buy something with his face on it and display it in my wedding. At this point we staged an intervention and exited the store with four pink and black mirrors, seemingly the only items without his face and/or name on them. 

Later the evening I had an appointment with my personal wedding beautician/hairstylist, Autumn Jane. We were very productive despite the fact that we did not have all the correct makeup and she did a wonderful job with my hair. At one point we took a break and went down to the kitchen because Autumn hadn't eaten her supper yet. At first I declined having anything with her because I had already eaten, but then I changed my mind and had some anyway because apparently I'm a hobbit and need to eat a second supper.

After second supper Autumn broke out the Snuggie and the party really started. 

I think the only item that would complete this outfit would be a nice pair of JB sunglasses with his face plastered all over them.

In other wedding news, I picked up the marriage licence today and I'm pleased to report that there were no questions as to my gender. ;-)

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Laura Darling said...

I think you should sport the snuggie to the reception!