Saturday, April 23, 2011


The following things have made me smile over the past week:

1. The Easter Messiah
Hannah, Willie and Elizabeth performed in the Messiah with our homeschool group last weekend. Hannah and Willie even sang solos which highly impressed me because as a general rule I try to avoid doing anything, especially solos, in front of people.(Nobody need leave comments telling me that when you get married you have to stand in front of a lot of people and talk. I am FULLY AWARE of that fact.) As I was reading the program before the concert started, I suddenly realized I was looking for my own name in the list of singers.

I was not singing the Messiah.

Sometimes I am just sharp as a tack.

(Speaking of singing reminds me of a time I was up visiting Christopher and almost everything he said reminded me various songs which I proceeded to sing for him. You can be sure they were all lovely renditions. Just give my regards to Broadway.)

2. The flowers have finally decided that it would be a good time to appear.

3. My little friends
J & A are my little identical twin friends from church. They are always extremely interested in my jewelry so we have a meeting every week to discuss my earrings and necklaces. Every single week they tell me that Juju lost her earrings and needs new ones, and how they would like me to give them some "pretty lips", aka lipgloss.

(no photograph available at the moment)
Keri is a lovely photographer who has a lovely blog and an even more lovely daughter, Amelia Jane. (It's possible that I have a small addiction to the child and feel the need to say her name multiple times because I just love it.) Keri and I have read each others blog for the last few years and after I discovered we lived quite close to each other, my family got used to me telling them about Keri from Cumberland. "Keri from Cumberland made this on her blog. Keri from Cumberland is going to have a baby! My friend Keri shops at the same crafts stores as me!" When I suddenly had need of a wedding photographer, I immediately knew who to ask. I emailed Keri and she responded that since she was not planning on attending the royal wedding, she'd love to come and oh darn, how terrible that we'd finally have to get together and meet in person!


Imagine our surprise when we discovered that we are RELATED! Granted, it's very distant and we're something like third cousins by marriage by still, related is related. It is all very exciting because now I have a little fourth(?)cousin named Amelia Jane and I feel it will be perfectly acceptable for me to show up at every one of her birthdays, recitals, and major life events. Unfortunately, I do not feel it will be perfectly acceptable for me to kidnap permanently borrow her because I would lose not only my newly-found relatives, but my photographer as well. Plus, I get the feeling her mother and father are slightly attached to her.

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