Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wedding week- butterflies, signs, and honeyballoons


We have two options for entrées, plus a childrens meal, at our reception so I made color-coded butterflies to put at each place setting.
They're beautiful, but the work needed to make them was slightly more than I bargained for. Someone came over while I was doing them and asked if I was making all 106 by hand. I may be crazy at times but I am not that crazy. I am forever indebted to the Cricut cutter! (There were moments, however, when I seriously considered retiring the whole paper butterfly business because it probably took me 14 hours to make them and the reception itself is only 5 hours.)

Here's one of the little chalkboard signs we've have as table markers.
Christopher,Katie, Elizabeth, Daniel, Josh, Stephanie and I will all be sitting at the Daisy table. The rest of the wedding party, the crazy half, will be sitting at the Tulip table. I wanted to have a Dandelion table and a Daffodil table but the names were too long to fit on the chalkboard.

We will now move to the part of this post entitled Various and Sundry Wedding Thoughts

* I was looking up something on a wedding website regarding the order of the ceremony and came across this helpful tip: 
"The Kiss: If you need an explanation of this step, you shouldn't be getting married."

It concerns me that some people need that explained.

My friend/mom I babysit for told me the other day that the priest at her wedding forgot the very important "you may now kiss the bride" line. She said they all stood there in stunned silence hoping he would realize his mistake. He never did. So, they just walked out and kissed at the back of the church.WHY her husband didn't just kiss her anyway is now the burning question on my mind. 

* Molly came over for a few hours yesterday while Carol took Grandma to a doctors appointment. I told her she came by at precisely the right moment because she could help me with wedding things. I even tried to make it fun by having a fashion show of possible outfits for the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon. She was helpful for all of 3 minutes before deciding it was much more entertaining to sit on the bedroom floor and glue little foam butterflies to a piece of paper. She did look up long enough from her gluing to inform me that my room was "THE MESSIEST ROOM EVER". It was hardly a groundbreaking statement considering the piles of clothes covering the floor. I discovered during the fashion show that Molly thinks we're going on a "honeyballoon". I think that's just the cutest thing ever. 

I doubt William and Kate are going on a honeyballoon.

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