Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Central, Part 2

Exhibit A- The flowers
The bridesmaids will carry pink and yellow Gerber daisies, and the flower girls will each carry one pink daisy. My bouquet will have pink and yellow tulips, pink and yellow daisies, pink roses, wax flowers and baby's breath. 
The centerpiece flowers are light and dark pink tulips.

Exhibit B- The Marriage License
Tuesday I went to City Hall to apply for the marriage license. The lady at the desk handed me the paper, showed me what to fill out, and set me to a desk across the way. We almost had a small fiasco because I checked the box saying I was male by accident. Thank goodness I saw it before I handed the paperwork back because things could have gotten VERY awkward. When I finished, she made me raise my right hand and read aloud the statement at the bottom of the paper swearing that all the information I gave was correct. Unfortunately for me, it was not worded so simply. It was full of  long words like 'solemnity', 'restitution', 'perjury', and 'penalization'. The ONE TIME I got raise my right hand and swear to tell the truth, I totally lost the ability to read. It was so embarrassing, not to mention slightly disappointing because I didn't even get to put my hand on the Bible.

Exhibit C- The Father/Daughter Dance

We're still on the hunt for the perfect song. I personally think the CanCan or the Twist would be best, but Dad's not really on board with those ideas. If ever there was a perfect time to break into The Chicken Dance or the Electric Slide, the father/daughter dance would be it.

Exhibit D- Wedding letters from famous people
I've mentioned before that I'm penpals with George and Barbara Bush. Although they are unable to attend our wedding, they sent us a lovely note instead. I almost shot up five hundred feet in the air when I opened the mailbox and saw the envelope from them.

Exhibit E- The Royal Wedding

I am immensely interested in the goings on over there at Buckingham Palace. While I'm not as obsessed about it as 3/4 the rest of the country seems to be(mainly because I'm too busy planning my own wedding), I am very interested their plans. If I wasn't already booked that day, I'd most certainly sit on the couch all day watching their wedding. It's possible I've made plans with someone to get me a magazine the day after the royal wedding so I can read all about it and have it for my wedding scrapbook. 
While I normally wouldn't like knowing someone who has the same anniversary as me, I feel this is a special circumstance. It makes me feel extremely royal to be wedded on the same day as William and Kate. After all, how many people can say they got married the same day as the prince and received a wedding letter from a former president? Not many, my friends, not many. 


Oma said...

Sarah, the preparations all sound lovely, especially the flowers. What do the groom's attendant's boutonnieres look like? It is fun that you and Chris are getting married the same day as Kate and William and that you got a presidential letter. Looking forward to seeing you SOON!

Laura Darling said...

SO jealous of your pen pal friendship with Mr. and Mrs. Bush.

I laughed out loud at your marriage license story. It's a good thing you got that all straightened out!!

I am also very excited for the royal wedding. I may or may not have taken a vacation day from work under the guise of "a very long dentist appointment" so I can spend the day watching the coverage. It starts at 4 am here and I don't plan on missing a second.

I am loving the wedding updates!!!