Monday, September 21, 2009

Fantabulous Time with Two Great Girls

I was so excited last week to spend time with two great girls-Joanna and Autumn. We haven't seen each other nearly enough since we no longer attend the same churches so this time was really special. I won't even begin to write about how many Facebook messages we sent back and forth trying to plan the whole thing. After about 15 messages we finally decided on the day and time only for the brilliant one in our midst to bring up that we hadn't discussed what and where. Somehow we forgot about that very important detail. The evenings activities included Dutch Blitz{which you must play if you never have}, Foozball and Scrabble; eating brownies{because every genuine girl-time includes chocolate}; taking pictures{yes,that was us you saw doing a High School Musical pose out in the middle of the street at night}, and{you'll never believe this one}talked.

In short we had quite a fantabulous time! ♥

In honor of Not Me Monday, I did not write "evenings activities" only because it made me feel very proper and refined.

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