Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Pictures of the Honest-to-Goodness-it-was-a-Total Surprise Bridal Shower

I couldn't in good conscience not show these pictures from (you guessed it)Erika's shower. Such a special event demands nothing less then 3 or 35 posts*. So with further ado...

My aunts Diane and Janet with Mom

Auntie Carol and Elizabeth. Carol holds the important position of Mother of the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. Never underestimate that position; its a high calling.

Grandma with her adopted granddaughter, Katie

I love this picture of when Erika arrived. She honestly had NO idea at all what we had planned. Daniel did an exceptional job of getting her there, and keeping it a surprise, even though so many unexpected things came up and they didn't arrive 'til 1.5 hours late. I think he just might be a good husband! ;)

I know you're wondering why we're all sitting on the stairs having our picture taken with a phone. Being the obliging person that I am, I will explain it to you. Erika choose to have her brother Wesley stand in the place of Maid of Honor. They have always been extremely close and Erika wanted him standing by her side on her wedding day. Although unusual, I understand why she wants to do it. So, since Wesley called just when we were taking our bridal party picture he had to be included in it. He was there in phone in spirit if not in person.

*Heaven help us when the wedding day actually arrives. I just may have to start a whole new blog to cover everything!

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