Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Another Day in Babysitterville

That title basically describes my day to a T. I babysat for 10 1/2 hours and am just about ready to fall over from exhaustion and may, according to one small boy, be suffering from a bad case of The "Mean" Babysitter Who Insists on Doing Her Job and Punishing Me When I Do Wrong. I now watch Dimitry and Max all Monday so the day can get very long! Thankfully this week went much better then last week(when I was supposed to get there at 7:30am but I didn't wake up 'til 7:24. I do not like to talk about that)and I am proud to report that I had to follow the boys father there found the playground. True to my driving form, instead of going left, right, right, left, turn around in someones driveway, straight, left, turn around, right stop to breath all I had to do was go right, right, left and there was the playground. I'm so glad we found it because today was beautiful!

I learned something today about children and carseats: it is completely possible and very likely that when transporting yourself and young children between four different locations you will buckle and unbuckle the seatbelts 36 times like I did today.

I know because I actually sat down and counted it.

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