Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Supper by the Sea

We finally had our yearly supper on the beach. I honestly think that every year it gets more beautiful! However, its not fair at all that friends who don't live near the beach have been many more times then I who lives so close! : )

I love how the coloring in this picture came out!

Meet Harry.
I invited him to stay and eat with us by my family shot down that invitation.
I can't see why they would do that! ;)

Mom and Dad.
Dad loves the beach the most of any of us. When I'm rich and famous(or atlest rich)I'm going to buy him a wonderful beach house.

"We looked out to the sea, sea, sea to see what we could see, see, see."

When we first got there it was chilly but as soon as the sun came out it warmed up and made the beautiful sunset.

Isn't that gorgeous!


Keri said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the last dreamy sunset one. What beach was it?

Sarah said...

Thanks Keri! It was the Charleston(sp?)beach. It only took us 1/2 hour of driving around to decide which beach we would go to! :)