Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Less Words Wednesday

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The shops in Maine had some of the cutest signs. I wish we could have photographed each one. I love signs like these. They're fun and often so true.

DSC_0192-1-1.jpg picture by sarahbelle528
Seen around Kennebunkport

Stick around in Maine long enough and you'll observe the lobsters staging a revolt against the pot, boiling water, and melted butter. I feel it's a lost cause.

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elegant WA without you copy

I didn't have the camera the day we visited the BEST sign store so we have to settle for these two courtesy of my friend G. O. Ogle.


My Wee View said...

Too Funny! I am on the eastern coast of Canada - much the same as Maine, only a little more northern.

Thanks for sharing your WW & linking up


This Mom said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower thanks to Blog Hop Friday.
Love your header - it's beautiful!
Have a great weekend!
Kate @ This Mom Loves