Friday, June 11, 2010


Well, the first of my "children" has graduated high school and I feel very old.

Marissa has passed through the halls of W.C.S. as a student for the last time. She is now standing in the entrance way of the portals through which the rest of her life will unfold.

Enough with the sap and on with the pictures.

There she goes,passing through those portals. And there goes my heart...

This is Billy.
I don't know much about him but I intend to find out everything.
I am, after all, Marissa's self-appointed mother and matchmaker.

She used to be small, but somewhere along the lines she got quite tall.
What I'd like to know is when did this happen?

They're a pretty kooky(sp?)family. Especially that one on the right.

The proud parents.
I'm willing to leave some of Marissa's parenting to them. For example, college tuition.

The graduation party is tomorrow so I'd better go get my sleep. It's hard work having a high school graduate.

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