Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Maine Event

While hanging with my peeps recently, we weren't just sitting around with nothing to do. We had our toes in the lovely water of Old Orchard Beach. My Uncle Brian's family has a beach house there that they so generously shared with us for a week.

Due to various and sundry delays, we left home even later than planned {surprise,surprise}and didn't arrive until 11:30pm. After unloading all our bags and boxes, we sat down and watched tv until 2:00. Because we were on vacation, that's why. I'm pretty sure it also had to do with the fact they have cable and we don't.
The next day brought rain, rain, rain, and just for good measure, a little more rain. We mostly sat around reading books and playing games. It was during this time I interviewed Elizabeth and that Aaron began his personal vacation mission of taking{and I'm not exaggerating}856 random pictures of anything and everything within sight. He'd just point the camera and shoot shoot shoot not caring who or what he was shooting at. At lest 96% of said pictures were taken at a weird angle. Here's one of his better shots. {Ok, I'll be honest. Some of them were good. Just don't tell him I said that. I mean, out of 856 pictures you're bound to have some good ones!}

Friday morning brought out the sun and we brought out our bathing suits.

This picture is dedicated to Elizabeth. She just loves when I take feet pictures to add to my collection.
When I interviewed her, she told me "toes should be walked on and not photographed". Then she said my toes would wear away from too much photography. It looks like she was right:

Even if she wouldn't share her toes with me if mine wore away, I think she still loves me a little.

My very favorite part of our trip happened Friday afternoon after we left the beach. I can't wait to share those picture! :)

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