Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Cousin-y Sleepover

Last Thursday night Zachary, Molly and I got together for a sleepover. Technically I was going up to babysit but its just so much more fun to call it a sleepover! Carol had already scheduled Zachary to have a flu shot but since she can't be in two places at one time(but really, who can?), she asked me to take him. She left written directions to the doctors' office and the GPS ("just in case") but I still got lost. It was all very characteristic of my driving. I won't take you through all the turn-arounds and backups but we miraculously made it to the doctors on time. The
appointment was so fast that Molly didn't even have time to make it halfway through her
Butterfinger(which Zack called a "butterthumb").

After we left I decided we should hop over to the library(which I found without getting lost)to pick out new snuggle-up-on-the-couch books. The library turned into quite a social event as we saw not one, but five, of Molly and Zack's friends. After choosing our books and explaining multiple times that no, we can't borrow all the dvd's, we left for home and snacks.

Because it was a special night, I let the kids stay up a little later then usual so we could enjoy snuggling under the soft red blanket while watching Tom and Jerry. Much to their delight, I put on my pajamas when they did. We all know there's nothing like your babysitter, aka most favorite cousin, having her pajamas on too. But after all, isn't that what sleepovers are for?
All in all it was a very fun time...even if they did love my elephant, Humphrey Bernard Ellis Jones, so much that they just about squeezed every last bit of life out of him!

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