Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's Cookin'?

As the family of the groom, we're responsible to making the rehearsal dinner. And oh,what a responsibility that is. After much deliberation and many meetings, we decided to serve the following...drum roll please...dumdadum:


cheese and crackers
olives and peppers
artichoke dip and bread
vegetable platter
green salad


green salad
warldorf salad

.main dishes.

3 chicken jambalayas with the following sausage flavors-
thai curry
garlic herb

.side dishes.

sweet potato casserole
hot green bean dish
muffins of the following flavors-sweet potato, cranberry, pumpkin and pecan pie


Grandma's apple crisp
hugs and kisses
truffle or another tba chocolaty dessert made by yours truly

What do you think? Sound yummy? : )
I most highly doubt that I'll be able to post again before The Wedding which, lest you forget, is Saturday. THIS Saturday. I really want to on Friday because that date is a very memorable one for our family but it might have to wait until next week. I'm sure the Blogging Rules You Must Follow if You Wish to Succeed Handbook 101 has no hard and fast rules that "you must post on the day _____ happens or your blog will be deleted and the world will come to an early and tragic end."
Atlest I hope not! :)

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