Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

* I did not more then once post a comment on two separate blogs and forget to click "do not subscribe" and end up with over 233 emails in my junk folder. I do not feel the need to mention that I did this more then once.

* When Elizabeth and I came home from errands to find the front door wide open, I did not make her go in the house first because she was the last one out, therefore the one responsible for the door being open and make her face the potential ROBBERS or THIEVES that might be in there before me. A truly loving and kind sister would atlest walk in side by side not stand in the obviously free of ROBBERS and THIEVES entryway holding a metal bat. In my own defense I did gave Elizabeth a metal bat also and decide that I should help her search the house because honestly, how can one girl deal with possibly multiple ROBBERS and THIEVES by herself?

I think we all know that she couldn't/can't.

* I did not tell Elizabeth that "maybe ROBBERS and THIEVES are in our house" then realize that ROBBERS and THIEVES are basically the same thing.

* When writing
this post, I did not publish it without knowing that I said Daniel was "half a century old" instead of a quarter century. When I realized it later, I most certainly did not jump up in the middle of his special birthday breakfast so I could fix it before anyone saw it.
I'm way to young to be making such mistakes.

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