Thursday, October 15, 2009

Four Days in the Life of...Part Two

Being professional movie makers*, Katie and I decided to make a couple movies of our day together. I wish I could put one up but they would ruin any and all attempts at dignity that I have been trying to build. They also contain so much inside humor that frankly, its hard to understand unless you're us(which you're not). Honestly though, we had sooo much fun making them and I think we both really needed to laugh like we did!

After brainstorming about what to give the happy couple for a wedding gift, Miss Smarty Pants(meaning K, not me...remember, I'm the humble one)suggested we try one of those stores where you choose and paint a piece of pottery and give them that. As predicted, once we got to the store it took us over 30 minutes to choose our pottery and colors. Oh the possibilities! We choose a rectangle platterish dish and picked out the shades of red,green,blue and white we wanted. Things went wonderfully until after the first coats dried. Lets just say that it is sometimes so hard to transfer what's in your head to what you're trying to create. We're both very creative and Katie is a wonderful artist but neither of us is used to doing that type of work. After almost 2 hours we had a somewhat presentable dish that wasn't how we wanted but wasn't exactly awful. We decided to put some black loopdy-loops around the edge as a finishing touch but just as I got half way around, DISASTER STRUCK. The sleeve of my sweater brushed up against the wet paint and smudged it across one corner. I didn't notice at first but Katie did and screamed which startled me so much that I basically feel backwards onto the chair behind me. Its pretty safe to say that we were both close to tears. Katie tried smudging the other corners to make it look "on purpose" but it just didn't turn out the way we had wanted. I won't see it until the wedding though because Katie is going to pick it up from the store and wrap it. I told her to be sure to wrap it in a bag so I can just unwrap, look at it and probably cry,and pop it back in the bag without anyone knowing. I am trying to comfort myself with 'its the thought that counts' and not think about how it could have turned out!

All in all it was a very busy, but fun, long weekend!

* I believe the "professional" word is producers

Edit: Katie and I also began planning our trip to Prince Edward Island!!


Amanda Flynn said...

You're planning a trip to PEI??? What fun! :) I went there for a few days in 2006 and it was just beautiful. But be sure to stay away from the "touristy" stuff. It was completely sacrilegious. :P

Sarah said...

Did you really?? We were saying we should make Anne and Diana outfits from the time period and have a grand picture-taking time, but I don''t know if we really would do that! :)
I'll be sure to tell Katie about the "sacrilegious touristy stuff"! ♥